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This is the home of the TouchDraw for Android (version 1.x) documentation. The layout of the pages and information displayed in this documentation is based on the User Interface (UI) structure. It is broken down into five main sections with pages describing each potion of the interface and available functionality:

Section Name Description
Preface The Preface section contains necessary legal and acknowledgement information regarding TouchDraw for Android.
Getting Started The Getting Started section contains information for launching TouchDraw and beneficial web page links.
Drawing Chooser The Drawing Chooser section can be used to learn about the chooser interface, file management, sharing/importing drawings, and backing up/restoring data within TouchDraw.
Drawing Editor The Drawing Editor section can be used to learn about the editor interface and the many features made available when working with a drawing in TouchDraw.
Tips and Techniques The Tips and Techniques section can be used to learn about using the Function Key Feature to perform specific actions within TouchDraw.
Miscellaneous The Miscellaneous section contains additional information outside of the main UI structure of the application such as file importing and exporting formats.

The information shown in the Drawing Chooser and Drawing Editor sections, in particular, is organized based on the layout of each components interface. For example, to find information about changing the text properties of a figure in the editor, go to the Drawing Editor section, expand these pages, and then select Text. To find information about importing or sharing a drawing, go to the Drawing Chooser and select one of these pages.

Each of these documentation section begins with pages describing the basic features of their user interface and subsequent pages provide further details about a particular feature. Use the links on a page to navigate to additional information about a particular subject or expand the pages to find a particular section. The search feature can be also be used to find an item. Simply type in a keyword and a list of pages will appear for selection.

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