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Selecting a Figure

TouchDraw contains five types of figures:

  • Lines (including open paths)
  • Shapes (including closed paths)
  • Text
  • Images
  • Stencils and Groups (compound figures)

For the purposes of selecting a figure, there are really only two types: Lines and shapes.

Images, text figures and compound figures all behave like shapes for selection, so we won’t discuss them separately.

To select a line, tap on the line and its handle end points will appear.

We understand that it is difficult to be as accurate as you are with a mouse when using an Android device, so TouchDraw is designed to allow for some margin of error; however you do need to try to tap as close to the line as possible. You will receive feedback that the line has been selected when the handles for the endpoints are displayed.

To select a shape, tap anywhere within the shape and it’s handles will appear.

Multiple Selections

By default, a previously selected shape will be deselected when another is selected; however, TouchDraw does support multiple selections. Use the Function Key Feature of the Left Toolbar to make multiple selections. Press and hold the Left Toolbar for ~1 second until it turns red and continue to hold a finger on the toolbar while using the other hand to tap on additional figures. This feature can be used to add or remove figures from the multiple selection.

The Selection Rectangle may also be used to select multiple figures. Touch and drag the Selection Rectangle from left to right or right to left over an area within the Drawing Canvas and then release the utilized finger once the rectangle covers the desired area to complete the selection. When the rectangle is dragged from left to right, it will select all figures within its bounds and every figure intersecting it, as shown below.

Dragging the Selection Rectangle from right to left from any point within the Drawing Canvas informs TouchDraw to select only the figures within the rectangle’s bounds, as shown below.

You can also enable the Volume as Function Keys preference for smaller devices and use the Volume Down Button to perform this same action.

Using the Contextual Menu

The Contextual Menu contains options for selecting all figures within a currently open drawing and inverting or clearing a current selection within the drawing canvas. Press on the Contextual Menu Button in the Top Toolbar to access these options.

Tap on the Select All option to select all figures within a drawing.

Use the Invert Selection option to invert the current selection or the Clear Selection option to deselect all currently selected figures within the Drawing Canvas.

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