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Stroke Visibility

The Stroke Visibility option is an On/Off toggle button used to set the visibility of strokes/lines of a figure(s). If the visibility option is turned off, the border/line of a selected or added figure(s) is not drawn at all. The Stroke Visibility toggle can be accessed in one of two ways:

  1. Press on the Stroke Button located in the Drawing Toolbar.

  2. Press on the Info Button in Top Toolbar to open the Info Menu.

    Then press on the Stroke option to open the Stroke Panel.

To turn on Stroke Visibility,perform a Tap on the On/Off toggle in the Stroke Panel.

To close the Stroke Panel, tap on the Hide Sidebar Button located at the bottom of the sidebar panel.

If Stroke Visibility is on, an outline around the figure will be present and if it is off and Fill Visibility is on, the figure will appear with no border, as shown below:

Stroke attribute changes will not be reflected in a selected or added figure(s) until this option has been turned on.

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