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Shadow Color

The Shadow Color of a selected figure can be changed to meet a desired preference. It can be altered for a selected figure(s) or in instances where no figures have been selected. If a figure has not been selected, the color change applies to any figure added after the change. To alter the shadow color:

  1. Press on the Info Button in the Top Toolbar to open the Info Menu.

  2. Press on the Shadow and Opacity option to open the Shadow Panel.

  3. The Shadow option must be enabled for a change to be applied to any currently selected or new figures. Once the Shadow Panel has opened, perform a Tap on the On/Off toggle to enable this option.

  4. Press on the Shadow Color Button.

  5. Use the Color Picker to choose a hue.

  6. Perform a Touch/Drag gesture combination on the Opacity Slider to change the degree to which the shadow can be seen through.

  7. Tap on the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons next to the X Offset, Y Offset, and Blur options in the Shadow and Opacity Panel to further alter shadow appearance. In the example below, the X and Y Offsets have been set to 10.

  8. To close the Shadow and Opacity Panel, tap on the Hide Sidebar Button located at the bottom of the sidebar panel.

A color change will be seen instantaneously when a figure is selected. If no figures have been selected, the color change will apply to all subsequently created figures.

The following examples show a square prior to adding a shadow and after the color has been altered.

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