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Delete Segment

The Delete Segment action removes a selected segment from an existing path. A different behavior is received depending on the type of segment chosen for handle insertion:

  • Line Segment - The entire segment is removed.
  • Quadratic Curve Segment - The entire segment and corresponding quadratic control point are removed.
  • Cubic Curve Segment - The entire segment and all cubic curve control points are removed.

In the provided example, the bottom Line Segment of the figure is chosen. Follow the steps below to delete a segment:

  1. Touch and Hold on the desired segment to select it and open the Contextual Menu.

  2. Press on the Delete Segment option.

  3. The Line Segment and corresponding end point (orange) are removed. The remaining segment end points are joined.

The following screenshots show the resulting control point and segment changes when a Cubic Curve Segment is deleted from a figure. In this example, the top cubic curve is chosen for deletion. The selected segment and both control points are removed.

Note: Refer to the Handles Reference section of this documentation to learn more about each handle.

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