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Deleting a Stencil

To Delete a Stencil, the appropriate library must be selected and be put into Edit Mode. A Stencil is deleted from a library by selecting the desired stencil and then pressing on the Delete Button in the Top Toolbar while in Edit Mode. Follow the steps below to delete a stencil:

  1. Use the Library Selection Menu to select the library where the stencil is saved.

  2. Perform an Extended Press on the stencil to enter Edit Mode. In this example, the Kite Stencil will be removed from the library.

  3. The top toolbar will appear as shown below:

  4. Press on the Delete Button in the top toolbar to remove the stencil.

  5. A confirmation prompt will appear. Press on the OK Button to delete the stencil or press on the Cancel Button to exit the prompt without completing this action.

  6. The Library will appear as shown below once the Kite Stencil has been removed.

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