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Shifting a Figure

The Move By… option can be used to shift a selected figure or group of figures by an entered set of coordinates. This option changes the location of a figure based on input coordinates and is accessed by pressing on the Selection Button in the Top Toolbar.

To Shift a Figure or group of figures:

  1. Select a figure or grouping of figures to be shifted.

  2. Press on the Selection Button to open the Selection Menu.

  3. Press on the Transform Submenu.

  4. Press on the Move By… option to open the Move By popup window.

  5. Enter the desired X and Y grid coordinates in the Move By popup windowby using the “up” and “down” arrow buttons located on the right and left side of each field or by pressing on the number field to bring up the text editor.

  6. Press on the Move Button to finish the shift.

  7. The selected figure or group of figures will shift in accordance to the entered coordinates and the Move By popup window remains open to allow for further changes.

    Note: Tap anywhere within the drawing canvas to close the Move By popup window.

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