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Adding Variables to Text

A Variable can be added to text within a figure through the Text Editor by hand keying the desired variable as part of the text.

On a subsequent page, there is a list of available variables.

In the following example, the Area variable is included as part of the selected rectangle’s text.

  1. Double Tap on a desired figure to open the Text Editor.

  2. Enter the appropriate text with the keypad {Area} and then tap on OK in the upper right hand corner to close the editor.

  3. The selected variable will appear within the selected figure once the editor has been dismissed.

  4. Press on the Info Button in the Top Toolbar and select Text to alter the font style, size, location, color, etc. of the added text.

  5. In this example, the horizontal alignment is changed to left and the vertical alignment is changed to top. The font size has been increased to 16.

  6. Changes to entered text appear in real time as they are made within the drawing, as shown below.

Note: The first letter of the entered variable must be capitalized for the value to appear in the selected figure.

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