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The Toolbar has eight buttons available for performing actions within the TouchDraw application. The buttons on the right hand side of the title bar supply access to most of the functions for modifying drawing figure attributes and changing application settings.

Click or Tap on the Toolbar Button name to learn more about its functionality.

Button Name Description
App Button The App Button provides options for saving a drawing that is currently being edited or viewed and exiting to the Drawing Chooser.
Undo Button The Undo Button reverts the last change that was made to a drawing. This button is disabled (dimmed) when no changes have been made and enabled as soon as something is altered in the Drawing Editor.
Redo Button The Redo Button cancels the last undone change made to the drawing canvas. This button is disabled (dimmed) when nothing has been undone and is enabled as soon as the Undo command has been used or something is altered.
Delete Button The Delete Button removes currently selected figure(s) from the Drawing Canvas.
Contextual Menu Button The Contextual Menu Button provides access to basic editing functions within TouchDraw along with path, layer, and line options.
Info Menu Button The Info Menu Button provides access to options for changing the attributes of a figure that is about to be drawn or any currently selected figure.
Selection Menu Button The Selection Menu Button provides access to actions for arranging, aligning, distributing, flipping, ordering, rotating, and moving selected figures within the drawing canvas. It can also be used to obtain finer control over a selected figure or to make path related changes and is only enabled (selectable) when figures have been selected within the drawing canvas.
Overflow Menu Button The Overflow Menu Button provides access to general purpose actions and preferences within TouchDraw.

Note: Not all buttons appear in the toolbar when the Android device is in portrait mode. In this instance, some buttons and options are moved to the Overflow Menu.

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